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But I Didn't Shave my Legs

Body Image. It's an issue that most women AND men struggle with. As a massage therapist, I hear all kinds of insecurities spewed out.

"You'll have to add more oil, because there's more of me."

"Don't work on my glutes until I get back in the gym."

"I haven't been in to see you because I gained a lot of weight."

"Don't work on my legs, I didn't shave!"

Bottom line: We don't care! Our job is not to judge! Our job is to care for you and bring you relief you long for. We see bodies all day long and we aren't comparing the current one to the one we last worked on. Massage therapists are a bit robot-like when it comes to body types- all we see are the muscles. Everybody has 'em!

Your massage therapist is human too and most likely struggles with their own insecurities. Everyone has their own battle with one thing or another, your massage therapist is in no position to judge. If you have a massage therapist that makes you feel anything less than fabulous, you have the wrong therapist. Go find a new one!

And ladies...we work on men's legs that have coarse hair- we can certainly handle your "winter" coat. Besides, chances are high that your massage therapist's legs are in the same {or worse} condition as yours. I promise you, WE DON'T CARE! We just want to take care of you.

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